Scientific Programme

Wednesday  27th May

from 9.15 Registration

9.45 Opening

10.00 Emmanuel Ullmo, Université Paris - Sud, Director of IHES
Algebraic flows on homogeneous varieties
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Coffee break

11.15 Thomas Scanlon, University of California at Berkeley
Explicit finiteness from the differential equations for the j-function

12.30 Lunch

15.00 David Masser, Universität Basel
The unlikelihood of integrability in elementary terms

16.05 Jonathan Pila, University of Oxford
Multiplicative relations among singular moduli
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17.30 Guided Tour at Villa Farnesina


Thursday 28th May

10.00 Shou-Wu Zhang, Princeton University
Colmez’ conjecture in average
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Coffee break

11.15 Pietro Corvaja, Università di Udine
Torsion subvarieties

12.30 Lunch

15.00 Peter Sarnak, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Markoff triples, graphs and strong approximation
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16.05 Gisbert Wüstholz, ETH, Zürich
A particular case of Pink's conjecture for mixed Shimura varieties

Coffee break

17.15 Bruno Klingler, Université Paris-Diderot - Institut Mathématique de Jussieu - PRG and Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
A general André-Oort conjecture

19.30 Social Dinner


Friday 29th May

10.00: Tom Tucker, University of Rochester
The dynamical gcd problem over function fields
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Coffee break

11.15: Aaron Levin, Michigan State University
Some generalizations of the Nochka-Ru-Wong theorem