Contribution List

Pascal Autissier, Abelian varieties and Minkowski-Hlawka theorem
July 16, 9.30-10.00

Matt Baker, A Survey of Unlikely Intersections in Algebraic Dynamics
July 24, 10.20-11.00

Daniel Bertrand, Manin maps and algebraic independence
July 17, 10.20-11.00

Yuri Bilu, CM-points on straight lines
July 14, 9.30-10.10

Fabrizio Catanese, Answer to some question by Fujita on Variation of Hodge structures (the direct image of ω needs not be semiample)
July 23, 9.30-10.10

Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène, The set of non-n-th powers in a number field is Diophantine
July 21, 9.30–10.10

Gerd Faltings, Norms of Weierstrass-sections
July 23, 10.20–11.00

Dorian Goldfeld, The vertical Sato-Tate conjecture
July 22, 9.30-10.10

Walter Gubler, Skeletons and tropicalizations
July 16, 11.20–12.00

Yifeng Liu, Heegner points and p-adic Waldspurger formula
July 14, 10.20 – 11.00

Thomas Scanlon, Differential Equations and Unlikely Intersections
July 22, 17.30-18.10

Michael Stoll, Uniform bounds on the number of rational points on hyperelliptic curves of low Mordell-Weil rank
July 21, 17.50-18.30

Yuri Tschinkel, Counting rational and integral points on homogeneous varieties
July 16, 10.20-11.00

Tom Tucker, Preperiodic portraits modulo primes
July 25, 9.30-10.10